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Five Great Alfa Romeo Giulietta Features

What happens when you combine the quality of the past with the potential of the future? Innovations are made that advance progress without discarding that which is worth saving. And so it goes with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Though it retains the classic name of an icon, the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta is thoroughly modern. With its long list of options and features, the Giulietta is at once dependable and exhilarating.

Exterior Aerodynamics

By updating and reconfiguring an existing platform for constructing the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, designers were able to combine the best of previous models while allowing for improvements. Tyres, for example, are available in a range of sizes that all fit seamlessly onto the vehicle. The five doors improve accessibility, while the extra-large LED head- and taillights improve visibility in all directions.

Interior Comfort And Luxury

From the outside, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta may appear compact, but inside it is expansive enough to provide comfort to all. Monochromatic, wraparound seats soothe both the eye and the spirit, as they provide both comfort and security. Impeccable Italian design elements abound, from the quality fabrics to polished aluminium accents.

Safety And Security

By redesigning the platform for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, it was possible to start fresh when considering how to provide the best in safety and security. A top-of-the-line steering and suspension system helps prevents accidents in the first place, while multiple airbags cushion and protect driver and passengers should the worst occur. All of this attention to detail has led to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta’s five star rating from the prestigious Euro NCAP.

Premiere Performance

Perhaps no element of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta displays the perfect blend of history and technology as the MultiAir engine. Long known for its race cars, Alfa Romeo applies the same focus on performance in its Giulietta. Controlling air intake allows for both improved performance and reduced petrol usage and emissions. Coupled with the D.N.A. System, drivers have control and a guarantee of peak performance in all conditions.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Models

As if presenting the world with one dynamic vehicle isn’t enough, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta line has three models to suit every driver. Whether you select the Progression, Distinctive, or Quadrifoglio Verde, Alfa Romeo is confident you will be happy with your new car.