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Features And Options On The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Features And Options On The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider comes with an impressive set of standard features like cruise control, Bluetooth-capable stereo system, and demisting electric door mirrors to make driving a pleasure. The TFT instrument panel gives you critical real-time data like tyre pressure, turbo pressure, oil temperature, longitudinal and transverse G-force, and places controls at the tips of your fingers. Rear parking sensors make it easier to park and back up with confidence, and Hill Holder helps you get started on a steep hill without rolling backwards. 

For drivers who want total luxury and performance, Alfa Romeo's optional features and upgrade packages allow you to customise your Spider to suit your discerning taste. Choose 3-layer metallic paint for a deep, hand-lacquered look; select coloured Brembo brake calipers to coordinate with the body paint; or upgrade the standard 17-inch front wheels and 18-inch rear wheels to an 18/19-inch combo for even more sure-footed handling.

      • Bi-Colour Pack – The bi-colour trim pack is a beautiful nod to Alfa Romeo's race history, as it fills the interior of the Spider with rosso corsa (Italian racing red). From sleek red leather seats to red door handles, central tunnel, handbrake grip and boot, and steering wheel insert. 

      • Carbon And Leather Pack – If the sexy darker styling of carbon fibre is more to your taste, the carbon and leather pack is a gorgeous choice. It adds a carbon fibre instrument cluster cover, central tunnel surround, and mirror cover, along with a stitch leather dash cover for beauty and protection.

      • Racing Pack – For an upgrade package that goes beyond beauty, the Racing Package is the ultimate. Enhance your Spider's race attributes with a racing suspension and sport racing exhaust system, 18/19-inch wheel combination in your choice of Spider of Dark Spider design, and Pirelli racing tyres. Your Spider will be Monza-ready with the Racing Pack!

Your Spider, Your Way

No matter which configuration you prefer, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider offers premium performance, handling, and luxury, all wrapped in breath-taking beauty. Which option package is right for you? Find your local dealership to see the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider in person.