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Fascinating Facts About the History Behind the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Launch Edition

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Launch Edition has a long and fascinating history behind it. One look at it and you know you’re in the presence of something special. But this spectacular vehicle not only has an impressive future ahead of it, it also mirrors the Spiders of the past, drawing on them to create the perfect blend of speed, performance, and stunning capability.

An Early Spider Was Featured In "The Graduate"

The first Spider was launched in 1966, and it remained successful and mostly untouched for almost 3 decades. In 1983 the Graduate edition was released due to the Spider’s appearance in the 1967 film of the same name. Intended to be a bit more accessible than previous Spider models, the Graduate edition was less luxurious, lacking power windows, alloy wheels, and offering air conditioning as an extra. It did, however, help many own this infamous beauty for a lower price, and earned many fans.

It Gives a Whole New Meaning to 'Horse Power'

This sleek little number packs quite the punch under the bonnet, as you would expect from a sportster honed over decades of attention. Every effort has been made to make the Spider as lightweight as humanly possible, meaning that there is less for the beast of an engine to compete against when racing at top speeds. The Spider has a carbonfibre monocoque chassis, has either a storable cloth roof or a carbon fibre hardtop, the windows are 10% thinner (and therefore lighter) than the 4C, and the seats are a carbon fibre, fibreglass composite which not only affects their weight but also improves handling, thanks to a lower centre of gravity. The 177kW/350Nm 1.7-litre turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with dual continuous VVT and direct injection can therefore perform to its true potential, achieving a 0-100km in just 4.2 seconds (when in Race mode).

To find out more about the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Launch Edition, contact your nearest dealer.