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An Early Look At The Alfa Romeo Giulia

An Early Look At The Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo's lineage includes a long line of sports cars, such as the 4C Spider. Its Giulia is a slight departure from that storied genealogy. It's a sleek-looking sports sedan that seats four.

But don't be fooled by its category. This stunning sedan is unlike any other you've seen to date. It stands in a class of its own thanks to its sporty exterior, exceptional turbocharged engine, smooth-shifting transmission and Alfa Romeo D.N.A. technology.

And that's just scratching the surface. Below is a brief, early look at the trendsetting Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Advanced Active Suspension System

The Giulia's multilink rear suspension system is designed to smooth the ride and make road imperfections all but unnoticeable. It's constructed with lightweight aluminium to avoid adding unnecessary drag to the car.

A suspension system is supposed to respond quickly to road conditions. The suspension in the Alfa Romeo Giulia responds immediately and continuously, making appropriate changes in the chassis according to your current driving requirements.

Turbocharged V6 Engine With Massive Torque

This sports sedan can gallop from a standing start to 100 km/hr in less than four seconds. That's faster than most other autos in its class.

Its quick launch capabilities owe credit to the turbocharged 6-cylinder petrol engine sitting under its bonnet. It was designed by Ferrari. That alone suggests its ability to perform. To that end, the Quadrifoglio variant of the Giulia range comes with a muscular 2.9-litre power plant that can deliver 380 kW of power and a staggering 600 Nm of torque.

Alan Swanson, Senior Manager for Product Strategy recently noted “We’re using some resources from an engineering level that are only available within our (FCA) group. Ferrari and Maserati have had huge input into the Giulia – it’s no secret that that is our weapon.”

Style And Performance In One Exciting Package

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is more than just the epitome of high-performing sports sedans. While its state-of-the-art suspension system and efficient power plant are among its key strengths, its exterior styling has proven to be just as important to the Alfisti.

The Alfa engineers have taken great pains to design a body that is at once aerodynamic and visually-arresting. They understand that performance without style is undesirable to today's car buyers. They've given the Giulia's frame a design that allows it to slice through the air while turning observers' heads.

The latest models to fill the Giulia line are sure to excite performance enthusiasts who have an eye for quality craftsmanship. Stop by your Alfa Romeo dealer to schedule a test drive. Find out for yourself why this stunning sports sedan is attracting the notice of motor sport fanatics.