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Alfa Romeo MiTo Review: Safe, Efficient And A Blast To Drive!

You want a car that’s safe, but do you really want to sacrifice your driving enjoyment? This Alfa Romeo MiTo review shows that you can indeed have both!

Have Your Car And (Love To) Drive It Too!

Fun, safe and efficient, the Alfa is the perfect balance of effective technology and driver enjoyment. This car gives you so much in terms of safety features that also subsequently make this car such a pleasure to drive. And all wrapped up in a classically styled Alfa body that screams “I drive an Alfa!” to anyone who glimpses you on the road. This is the beauty of the MiTo. Here are a few features in this Alfa Romeo MiTo review that highlight both safety and sheer driving joy: 

Alfa Active Suspension For Safety And Agility

Electronic shock absorbers change to adapt to the road conditions and the Dynamic Suspension system creates maximum grip by actively responding to every road condition. With a restricted pitch and roll you have better stability and you’re able to respond to corners more easily.

Alfa TCT Twin Clutch Transmission For Road Power

Alfa Twin Clutch Transmission is a twin dry clutch automatic transmission that uses two gearboxes. This allows the next coming gear to engage, while you are still driving in the previous gear. This gives you the feel and control of a manual gearbox and far more sensitivity than a traditional automatic transmission.

Start & Stop For Fuel Efficiency

The Start&Stop device works in conjunction with all of Alfa’s MultiAir petrol engines. It is permanently active, but the driver can manually turn it off.  Start & Stop automatically stops and starts the car when the vehicle is at a standstill. This reduces emissions and fuel consumption; it also reduces rolling and eliminates jerky stop and go traffic situations. 

You Also Get The Head-Turning, Eye-Catching Classic Alfa Look

We have discussed what is under the bonnet of this marvel of a sports car, but what’s on the outside is sheer magic. Styled after the classic Alfas, this car epitomises the look of an Alfa. Everyone in your midst will know for certain that you have the joy of driving an Alfa; if you slow down long enough, that is!

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