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Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV Has A Family Resemblance

When you're in a family, some things rub off. In the case of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV, some of the engineering prowess that went into the new 4C sports car has also been incorporated into the new Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde. The changes have turned a pleasant, very stylish family car into a powerhouse. Most people who buy Alfas do it for the styling, while secretly yearning that a race car lurks beneath their alter ego to zoom to the finish line. Emblazoned with the Quadrifoglio Verde, the Italian way to say "four-leaf clover," this car might just do it.

Sports Touches Taken From The 4C

What did the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV with a TCT semi-automated transmission take from the 4C?

•    A direct-injection 1.75-litre turbo-four engine, crafted from aluminium to be light and quick. The material choice saves 20kg, improves the power to 177kW/  340Nm - up from 125kW, 250Nm with the 1.4L MultiAir Turbo Petrol in the other models. You might be able to do 0-100km/h by using the launch control function. The engine is responsive and visceral as you bury the throttle and hear and feel the power.

•    A new fuel delivery system that cuts turbo lag to an absolute minimum. Even at 1800 rpm, you achieve 80% of the car's peak torque. While you might slow down a bit to take a corner, you quickly get back to full speed.

•    A six-speed twin-clutch gearbox with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Many car junkies assert that paddle shifters give you more control over shifting and provide an element of fun.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV Looks The Part Of A Sports Car

Like all cars in the Alfa Romeo family, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV has good looks that set it apart from other cars in its class. Featuring glossy black exterior trim on the side view mirrors, door handles, grill, fog light surround,18" 5-disc burnished alloy wheels, and sports exhaust to enhance the stylish exterior. Inside, there is a flat bottom steering wheel with white stitching, leather and suede-like Alcantara sports seats with white and green stitching, and a QV logo on the instrument cluster

Let your family be part of the sporty Alfa family. See your dealer today for more information or a test drive.