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Alfa Romeo Giulia’s Unprecedented Performance Power

Alfa Romeo Giulia’s Unprecedented Performance Power

Alfa Romeo’s marks its return to the competitive mid-size sports sedan market in 2017 with the all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia. Two distinct systems, including AlfaLink™ suspension and Q4 All-Wheel drive, ensure superior control and road grip in the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

All-Aluminum Suspension System Makes Alfa Romeo Giulia A Standout Sports Sedan

When driving a luxury sports sedan, racecar aficionados and supercar fans demand distinct control over an automobile. The all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia delivers. It features a brand new AlfaLink™ suspension, made entirely of aluminum. This system results in intense road grip. A double wishbone design means the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s wheels stay on the road, even when cornering in tight areas with intense speed. A four-and-a-half arm multilink system rests at the rear of the Alfa Romeo Giulia and balances comfort and lateral grip, regardless of rough roads. The Alfa Romeo Giulia’s Active Suspension reacts quickly to any weather or road condition and works in conjunction with the famous Alfa DNA driving system. 

All-Wheel Drive Enhances Performance Capability In The Alfa Romeo Giulia

If you opt for Alfa Q4 All-Wheel Drive, the Alfa Romeo Giulia offers even more power and heightened performance. You’ll get road traction in any season because the all-wheel drive system is designed to move up to 60 precent of engine torque to the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s front wheels. All-wheel drive results in even more traction and stability because it can endure up to a 2.5-precent mechanical over-slip by pushing power to the rear outside wheel around corners. This system means the Alfa Romeo Giulia has been developed with an inextricable connection between pedal and throttle, taking performance to the next level.

With distinct power performance characteristics, you won’t believe the combination of control and grip available with the brand new Alfa Romeo Giulia. Get ready to test-drive this premium sports sedan in 2017. Find out more at your local Alfa Romeo dealer.