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Alfa Romeo Giulia Reviews | New Breed Of Sedans

Alfa Romeo Giulia Reviews: A New Breed Of Alfa Sedans  
In these Alfa Romeo Giulia reviews, we will cover features that are wholly unique to the Giulia.  These features set the Giulia apart as a new breed of sedans.  

The Best Of Both A Luxury And Sports Vehicle
The idea of a sports sedan is not a recent one, in fact most luxury and sports car companies have tried, and often failed, to deliver a vehicle with all of the luxury and utility of a sedan, but all of the speed and drive of a sports car. Throughout Alfa’s history, their engineers have tried to produce a sedan worthy of the Alfa emblem. Well, they finally created the perfect hybrid of sport and luxury and that vehicle is the Alfa Romeo Giulia.  

A Design That Returns To Its Pre-Fiat Sports Roots
The Giulia harkens all the way back to its early predecessor, the Alfetta type 116. This four-door sedan debuted in 1972, and it had all of the modern luxuries of its day. Fast forward forty plus years and we’ve made some great leaps in automobile technology, some, like the DNA system, are exclusive to Alfa and some are the product of the union between Alfa and Fiat. The makers of the Giulia have taken all of the advances of the last 40 years and streamlined it into this vehicle, while maintaining the style and standards of classic Alfas. The Giulia is truly the best of the old and the new.  

Rear Wheel Drive / All-Wheel Drive
The Giulia will come with a choice of rear wheel and all-wheel drive, depending on your preference and the terrain in which you live. The all-wheel drive option is a plus, because, with Alfa’s DNA steering control, it offers added protection when you’re driving in potentially nasty conditions and better “grip” on the road to keep you and your family safe.  

Created With Input From Ferrari And Maserati
The Giulia has a Ferrari developed V6 turbo engine, that propels it like no other sedan in its class. The Giulia also has a Maserati developed platform, which is sleek and aerodynamic; it is unlike any sedan we’ve ever seen before.  

A Vehicle Made For Our Generation
This singular vehicle was created with you in mind. Its form and function is a testament to your own age and wisdom; this is no mid-life crisis car! However, it does rule the streets with the speed, power, and presence like no sports car ever could. This is your generation’s signature vehicle, find out how you can own