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Alfa Romeo Giulia Review Australia: The Giulia Experience

Alfa Romeo Giulia Australia Review: It’s Not Just A Car, It’s An Experience  
When you think of the name Alfa, do you necessarily think of a sedan? Probably not. You think of Alfa’s heritage, a classic two-door sports vehicle. But Alfa is going to change all that.  Meet the Alfa Romeo Giulia; a sedan that drives like a sports car, handles like a dream, and keeps you and your passengers safe. In this Alfa Romeo Giulia Australia Review, we will discuss why the Giulia is the ‘breakout’ vehicle that will reinvent this brand for the better.  

Giulia’s Active Aerodynamics Actually Changes Shape As You Drive
The Giulia's curved splitter works to give you increased downforce. Two electric actuators linked to the ECU augment this. The actuator can interpret when you’re going around corners or driving in a straight line. It determines whether you need to oversteer or understeer and it moves the splitter accordingly.  

Designed In 2 Years And 2 Months By 10 “Skunkworks” Specialists
Fiat Chrysler Automobile boss Sergio Marchionne authorised a “skunkworks” team, or a small team of loosely related experts, to create the Giulia. The goal was a four-door sedan that drives like a sports car. It also needed the benchmark quality of the classic Alfas, but updated for the 21st century. They were given 2 years and 2 months, which was an unprecedentedly short period of time, but these experts were up to the challenge.  

Deemed The Most Important Car Of Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne’s Career
Marchionne states, “It’s no mystery that Alfa is one of the projects that I have been most involved in. It’s been crying out for revenge. Giving voice to the real Alfa Romeo was a moral imperative.” What does he mean by “the real Alfa Romeo”?  A vehicle that is both a daily and a weekend car, one that keeps you, the driver, in mind every step of the way. “The brand is on the verge of retaking its rightful position in the market. It will once again be one of the leading symbols of Italian engineering and style,” Marchionne says. With a car this luxe and versatile, we can only believe that this will be true.  

The Giulia is a tour de force in the world of sedans. Find out more about the Giulia at Alfa Romeo of Australia’s website and see for yourself how dynamic this vehicle really is.