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Alfa Romeo Giulia: Race Car Performance, Luxury Car Comfort

The Alfa Romeo Giulia has been completely re-engineered for its re-introduction to the world. It retains the innovative spirit of the original Giulia, and embodies the winning heritage of the Quadrifoglio marque, and adds a new set of break-through technologies. Today's Giulia emerges as the fastest 4-door production car ever to prove itself on the Nurburgring, which is one of the world's most challenging courses. Beyond its undeniable power, the Giulia further demonstrates its credentials as a luxury car with its smooth, comfortable ride, and safe handling, even during aggressive manuevres.

Integrated Braking – The Alfa Romeo Giulia uses an ingenious integrated braking system which combines stability control and braking for a huge weight reduction, more responsive pedal feel, and, ultimately, faster stopping power. Brembo brakes provide reliable, track-proven performance, even when brake temperatures run high.

Active Aero – Another race-inspired innovation on the Giulia is its Active Aero front splitter. Built into the lower front fascia, the carbon fibre splitter is electronically controlled to adjust air-generated downforce as needed. When you are braking or cornering aggressively, the Active Aero system can provide an additional 220 pounds of downforce for balance and stability.

Alfa DNA Pro – The Alfa DNA Pro system works with Giulia's Chassis Domain Control and AlfaLink rear suspension to automatically and instantly adjust the car's performance to the driver's selected driving mode. From Dynamic mode with its responsive acceleration and braking to Advanced Efficiency, which deactivates engine cylinders in times of low demand to reduce fuel consumption; Race mode which offers tightest handling and ultra-fast response, to Natural mode, which is the most comfortable balance for daily driving, the Giulia has every situation under control.

Enjoy The Thrill While Resting Assured
The Alfa Romeo Giulia offers drivers the exhilaration of driving a high performance car, while offering the assurance of safe and comfortable handling in every situation. Whether you want to open her up on your favorite mountain road or purr along the highway sipping petrol daintily, the Giulia is the car you've been dreaming of. Find your local dealership and see for yourself why the Alfa Romeo Giulia is simply the most amazing sedan ever produced.