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Alfa Romeo Giulia: Quadrifoglio Re-Incarnated

When the Alfa Romeo Giulia was first introduced in 1962, the idea of a high performance sedan was unheard of. The all-new Giulia carries on that innovative tradition, combining cutting-edge technology and elegant luxury into one thrilling ride worthy of the Giulia name. Although the Giulia was introduced, and will continue as, a street model, this latest Giulia is imbued with the racing spirit of Quadrifoglio. The Giulia Quadrifoglio is the perfect marriage of engineering, race heritage, passion, and beauty.

Torque Vectoring – The rear wheel drive Giulia uses torque vectoring to automatically shift power to whichever side needs it most in the moment. This contributes to powerful yet stable cornering and helps prevents loss of traction in wet or icy conditions.

Active Suspension– The Giulia features a double-wishbone front suspension and AlfaLink multi-linked rear suspension, which works in tandem with the Alfa DNA Pro System to provide optmimal response to driving demands. The driver selects a driving mode with Alfa DNA Pro, and the active suspension adjusts itself accordingly.

Transmission – Giulia's 6-speed ZF manual transmission is, in its own right, a proud piece of race history. Zahnradfabrik GmbH (ZF) has been innovating race car transmissions for more than a hundred years. Giulia's ZF transmission is optimised for fast response in shifting, and smooth, high performance when shfting under aggressive acceleration.

A Perfect Balance – With clever engineering, the Alfa Romeo Giulia has nearly perfect 50-50 weight distribution between front and rear. This is a perfect showcase for the capabilities of a rear-wheel drive performance car with a front-mounted aluminium-block engine. Perfect balance means the most sure-footed ride possible, in bad weather, aggressive cornering, or outmaneuvering road hazards.

A Four-Leaf Clover Of Your Own
The all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia is an innovation truly worthy to wear the Quadrifoglio (four-leaf clover) badge: A mark that strikes a warm note in the heart of every true fan of racing. Find your local dealer and experience the passion, beauty, and performance of today's Giulia for yourself.