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Alfa Romeo Giulia: After A 20-Year Hiatus Alfa Is Back In The Premier Sports Sedan Market

Alfa Romeo Giulia: After A 20-Year Hiatus Alfa Is Back In The Premier Sports Sedan Market

In 2017, Alfa Romeo makes a comeback into the mid-size luxury sports sedan market with the Alfa Romeo Giulia. This is Alfa’s first foray into the world of sports sedans in two decades. Alfistis and Italian car lovers in Australia - it’s time to get excited.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Highlighted By Show-Stopping Exterior 

A masterwork of fine design, the Alfa Romeo Giulia exudes sex appeal and road power. Its impressive front grille with classic down-pointing triangular centrepiece harkens to Alfa’s historic road racing accomplishments. LED headlamps look out menacingly from the front. The front dam is very low, lending a sense of aggression to the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Large dual exhaust tips, spoiler, and centred diffusers lend heft to the rear view of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The side view of the Giulia screams seductive Italian design with beautiful lines and a long hood.

Italian Craftsmanship Sets The Alfa Romeo Giulia Apart From Other Premium Sports Sedans

The interior of the Alfa Romeo Giulia is a feast to the senses. Full-grain Italian leather engulfs driver and passengers. You’ll notice surfaces made of real natural walnut or oak, brushed aluminum, and carbon fibre. The attention to detail found in the Alfa Romeo Giulia is a hallmark of Italian craftsmanship. Clearly handcrafted, beauty and performance meld in perfect form. 

Unprecedented Performance Rounds Out The Alfa Romeo Giulia Experience

The rear-placed 2.0 litre 16-valve direct-injection engine is intercooled and turbo charged and will go from 0 to 100 km/h in a breathtaking 5.5 seconds. The Alfa Romeo Giulia’s AlfaLink™ suspension results in superior road grip and is made entirely of aluminum. Active Suspension kicks in during rough driving conditions to enhance control. Alfa’s Q4 All-Wheel Drive provides superior road traction and prevents slippage by pushing power to the rear outside wheel when rounding corners. 

Alfa Romeo Giulia’s show-stopping exterior, Italian craftsmanship, and unmatched powerful performance make it a luxury sports sedan in a class of its own. It outruns and out-styles the competition at every turn. The Giulia not only has outstanding craftsmanship, but it's the only sedan with the heart and soul of a racecar. Get more info at your local Alfa Romeo dealer.