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Alfa Romeo Giulia: A Love Worth Waiting For

The all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia is the fastest four-door production car ever to lap the Nurburgring: An astonishing 7:39 lap time. In addition to all of its race technology and race-inspired performance technology, the Giulia's design incorporates sensuality and practicality to create an unmatched driving experience. It's a luxury car with the heart of a race car; the Alfa Romeo Giulia inspires passion.

Premium Audio & Infotainment – The Giulia's infotainment system is built around a 900-watt Harman/Kardon stereo and 14 outstanding speakers, including a pair of surround-sound speakers and a dedicated subwoofer. The audio system is connected to the 8.8-inch high-definition display, which also offers 3-D navigation and real-time data from the car's sensors.

Serious Seating – The Alfa Romeo Giulia features sleek, adjustable carbon fibre Sparco racing seats that are as comfortable as they are supportive. The seats are dressed in stylish Alcantara leather with contrasting topstitiching.

An True Italian Beauty – Milan may be the Italian fashion capital for people, but when it comes to stylish auto design, Turin is where the magic happens – at Alfa Romeo's headquarters. The all-new Giulia is the pinnacle of modern beauty, in everything from its bold front grille and active air splitter to the striking aluminium wheels, sexy curves, and luxurious interior.

Comfort & Convenience – The Giulia not only puts the driver in full control, but creates a comfortable and welcoming environment, as well. Helpful features like Hill Start and rear parking sensors make daily driving more convenient, and the ergonomic design of the cockpit places everything the driver needs – from infotainment controls to the Alfa DNA System to control the car's handling and performance attributes -- immediately at hand.