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Alfa Romeo Giulia: 3 Features That Appeal To Car Enthusiasts

Alfa Romeo Giulia: 3 Features That Appeal To Car Enthusiasts

The Alfa Romeo Giulia will appeal to consumers who value quality craftsmanship and high performance capabilities in an attractive, compact package. This sports sedan rivals other contenders in its class. With a sophisticated exterior that cuts through the air and advanced technology under its bonnet, the Giulia is setting benchmarks by which other sedans will be judged.

If you're considering buying a small, sporty sedan, test drive the Alfa Romeo Giulia. You'll find it has just as much power, torque and potential as higher-priced performance vehicles. As a bonus, you'll find it's more fun to drive.

#1 – Active Aerodynamics For Improved Performance

Automakers build sports sedans with considerable attention to the extent to which the bodies create drag. Ideally, air would pass over, under and to the sides of the car, encountering little resistance.

That's the extent to which most automakers go.

Alfa Romeo goes one step further. It uses a design strategy that incorporates active aerodynamics. Specific parts are designed to move according to your driving circumstances. They reposition themselves to minimise drag and downforce.

This isn't a feature that requires your manual input. It happens automatically so you can focus on driving.

#2 – Lightweight Frame To Provide Better Lift Off

Any sports sedan that deserves the label must be relatively lightweight. Otherwise, it will be too heavy to launch quickly and sprint forward.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia has solved that challenge by using aluminium parts. The entire body, from front to rear frames, is designed to be lightweight, minimising drag and improving performance. That design strategy complements the car's low centre of gravity, which allows it to hug the road on sharp turns and other extreme manoeuvres.

#3 – Launch Capability: 0 To 100 Km/H In 3.9 Seconds

One of the most impressive features of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia is its ability to reach 100 km per hour in just 3.9 seconds. That's faster than more expensive sports sedans famous for their ability to launch quickly. 

The Giulia out-competes them.

It's able to do so because of its turbocharged engine. Designed by Ferrari, it puts a considerable amount of power and torque at your fingertips.

The Giulia's ability to launch fast also stems from its aforementioned lightweight build. With a significant percentage of its frame and parts constructed of aluminium, there's little to weigh it down.

This extraordinary sports sedan should be experienced firsthand if you want to truly appreciate its value. Schedule a test drive at the Alfa Romeo dealer in your city. Climb behind the steering wheel and take the Giulia out on the road. You'll see why so many people are talking about Alfa's latest automotive triumph.