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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's Sexy Nod to Italian Grand Prix Racing

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's Sexy Nod to Italian Grand Prix Racing

One of the sexiest features of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is the targa top. It recalls the open cockpit glory of Italian Grand Prix racing: the purr of your turbo-charged engine, the sun streaming in, the fresh air streaming past…and yet, it offers modern safety and comfort features that Grand Prix drivers would envy. 

      • Safety – The Spider is designed to provide premium protection to its driver and passenger without sacrifing performance. The lightweight carbon-fibre monocoque and windscreen frame are engineered to evenly distribute the force of any impact, in order to best protect the occupants. The Sheet Moulding Composite (SMC) outer body is also light in weight, but extremely strong and flexible: nearly impossible to dent, which further helps to prevent injuries in case of accident. 

      • Shelter – Because of the Spider's aerodynamics, you get to enjoy the pleasure of an open top without the discomfort. The windscreen directs air up and over you, so you get outdoor air flow without being exposed to direct wind or bugs, and from the majority of wind noise. Enjoy the thrum of your engine and your music or conversation as you experience the thrilling taste of open cockpit driving. 

      • Simplicity – Removing the fabric targa top is simple and the top is lightweight, so it's easy to remove or replace by yourself. Slip the top into its custom protective bag, pop it into the boot, and you're done. The boot is designed with a storage space to secure the top separate from your luggage. 

      • Security – Thanks to Alfa Romeo's ultrasonic anti-theft alarm system, your Spider is protected, even when it's parked with the roof off. The system uses both volumetric sensors, which detect intrusions to the interior of the car, and anti-lift sensors, which would be set off by someone trying to jack the car off the ground to steal the wheels or steal the car by towing it away.  

Feel The Thrill 

Experience the sublime pleasure of driving the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider for yourself. Revel in the wind streaming past as you paddle-shift seamlessly through all six gears and you glide through every twist and turn. Find your local dealer to begin a steamy romance with your very own Spider.