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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's Race-Inspired Luxury

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's Race-Inspired Luxury

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is built on a proud heritage of racing. Many of its features are directly descended from race technology, and others are race-inspired luxury features, designed to give the driver the most satisfying combination of performance, beauty, and comfort. In short, the Spider is, in every aspect, pure joy to drive.

      • Performance Seating – The Spider comes with top-stitched leather competition seats that place your body in a comfortable but correct racing posture. And they have lovely little wings that help you stay comfortably seated through every chicane. 

      • TFT Display – The fully digital instrument panel features touch screen technology, so whatever you need to know, it's at your fingertips. The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's evolved instrumentation includes turbo pressure and oil temperature, tyre pressure meter, and compass, along with the G-meter, which reports longitudinal and transverse acceleration data in real time. The entire dashboard is styled on the cockpit of a race car, with everything oriented toward the driver for total control. 

      • Paddle Shifted TCT – Spider's 6-speed Twin-Clutch Transmission (TCT) is engineered to give you fast power after a shift, with almost no loss of power or "lag" as you shift. It uses one transmission to control the odd gears and another to control control the even gears, both responding to the paddleshifter, which provides the smoothest, fastest shifting possible. You get better performance and better fuel efficiency, as well. 

      • Aluminium Pedals And Footrests – Every detail in the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a nod to our racing history, right down to the stylish aluminium brake and accelerator pedals, heel guard, and footrests for both driver and front passenger. 

Racing Performance Meets Race-Inspired Luxury

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is the perfect union of screaming hot performance, cool, elegant styling, and luxurious appointments. From the targa top and race-inspired, leather-wrapped steering wheel to the 1750-cc, turbo-charged engine, it's designed to give the most discerning driver an unforgettable experience. Engineered by Alfa Romeo, manufactured in Modena, Italy by Maserati, the Spider is steeped in excellence on every count. Find your local dealer to experience the wonder.