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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's Alfa DNA System Gives Total Control

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is engineered to give the driver total control and convenience over its astonishing power and ingenious technology. The Alfa DNA System is, in short, a master system that controls many of the car's other tech systems, to give you the performance you want and need in the moment. It also allows the driver to select an ideal balance between full-tilt performance and fuel economy. The Spider features a special version of the Alfa DNA system, with an added mode (making a total of four modes) to maximise the car's thrilling performance in race conditions. Select the right DNA mode for the driving you want to do, and enjoy the ride!

Natural – In Natural mode, the Spider is configured for the smoothest shifting and most comfortable ride. The electronic differential is set, in Natural mode, to only kick in if it detects a significant loss of traction. Natural mode offers the best fuel economy and calmest performance parameters.

Dynamic – Using Dynamic mode, you get almost instant acceleration on demand, and gearshift repsonse up to 25% faster. Dynamic mode also limits the engagement parameters of the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system to instances where it detects a dangerous drift angle.

All-Weather – In bad weather or road conditions where safety is of highest concern, All-Weather mode is designed to keep you safely on the road. Accelerator response is slightly softened to avoid spinning the tyres when you need to start or accelerate, and the Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) system is activated. If it detects a loss of traction, ASR adjusts the power output to match road speed to prevent skidding.

Race – Race mode is the most aggressive mode, configured especially for the 4C models, to take best advantage of all these cars have to offer. Race mode gives the driver greatest control over the Spider's performance with the least intervention from the electronic systems. In Race mode, ESC will only engage in an instance of aggressive braking and ASR is disengaged during acceleration and braking. The Q2 electronic differential control system stays online to help you pull out of turns faster.

Optimum Performance For Every Circumstance
The Alfa DNA System puts total control at your fingertips. The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is designed to give you not only premium power and handling, but the the ability to choose between performance and economy, and to select the amount of electronic assistance you want in any given driving situation. Find your local dealership to experience the thrill of driving the Spider yourself!