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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Shows Its Italian Roots

Experience The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

When you buy a sporty car like an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, you do not consider the same practical necessities as you do when you buy a sedan. Driving carpool or figuring out how to transport golf clubs, surfboards, strollers, or luggage are the furthest thing from your mind as you concentrate on the driving experience.

A Car Steeped In Italian Tradition

The 4C spider, the convertible version of the 4C Coupe, is a mid-engine, rear wheel drive sports car made for the road. Born in Italy, where many other fast and famous sports cars originated, this car is built for speed with a 1.75 litre turbo four-litre engine. The car is revered in Italy as “Italian exotica for the masses.” After a test drive, a sports car journalist for remarked that even the Italian police were so fascinated, they ignored the speed limit and over a loudspeaker, told the driver, to “Guidare la maccina veloce (drive the car fast)” as they left the city of Milan.

The car blends the best of revered Alfa engineering with Maserati engine technology and manufacturing to produce a car that is stunningly beautiful, while offering the performance, sound, and feel of an Italian sports car. The car’s sleek lines are constructed from the same lightweight carbon fibre used to make the 4C Coupe, which helps this car to be as fast as the wind.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Sounds Like A Sports Car

Sports cars are valued for the sound they make as they accelerate. In this respect, the Alfa Romeo 4C spider does not disappoint, as it moves toward its top speed of 258 km/h on the open road. The car is capable of reaching 100 km/h from a standstill in 4.5 seconds, and in the process, the sounds of the induction system in the turbo engine and the exhaust overwhelm you with pride and excitement

The car only comes with an Alfa TCT (Twin Clutch Transmission), an automatic transmission with paddle shifters on the steering wheel. The shifting is quick and responsive, especially at high speeds. The car is so fast, you'll be glad to enjoy the ride, rather than worry about a manual gearshift.

If you're focused on the experience of driving and not necessary the destination, then the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a car you want to buy. See for yourself – find a dealer today.