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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Has Four Driving Modes In Unique DNA System

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Has Four Driving Modes In Unique DNA System

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider features Alfa’s world renowned DNA System, which allows you to change the driving mode for an individualised experience and to maximise safety, power, and control. 

Driving The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider In Natural Mode

When you want everyday driving with ultimate comfort and a smooth ride, you can engage the Natural mode of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s DNA system. At exactly the right speed, Auto-Up and Auto-Down functions will shift. The Electronic Q2 Differential will take over if the system notices an unusual loss of grip. Normal mode will also suggest appropriate shifting, which means the system makes the best of fuel consumption and emissions for in-town driving. Overall, Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s Natural mode al-lows for both safety and comfort in a relaxed driving experience. 

Dynamic Mode Provides Super Sensitive Accelerator Response

Dynamic mode allows for a sportier driving experience. When driving in Dynamic mode, you get practi-cally instant accelerator response. In addition, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s gearshift times are reduced as much as 25 precent. If the system detects that drift angles put car and driver at risk, Electronic Stabil-ity Control will kick in. Finally, in dynamic mode the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s engine response is en-hanced due to a particular torque curve.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s All-Weather Mode Provides Maximum Safety

When threatening skies result in wet or icy weather, All-Weather mode enhances safety significantly by engaging a very gentle accelerator response. It also turns on the Anti-Slip Regulation system to make sure skidding is avoided. Grip is enhance in All-Weather mode, even when driving on surfaces in which some tyres are on hazardous ground, such as ice or water, while other tyres are on asphalt. 

Extreme Supercar Performance With Race Mode

When in Race mode, the driver is in ultimate control of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. Electronic Stability Control rarely kicks in and Anti-Slip Regulation is disengaged. The Q2 Differential Control System stays active for quick exits from turns and bends. In Race mode you take charge of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spi-der, and can turn it into the ultimate Formula One-like supercar. 

And these are just some of the many features the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider has to offer. Contact your local Alfa Romeo dealer to discover all of the features the 4C Spider offers.