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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Converitble | Go Topless

How The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Provides The Ultimate Open Air Driving Experience

 Just when you thought there wasn’t a way to make the Alfa’s 4C better, along comes an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. It has the same stunning good looks as the hardtop, but gives you the opportunity to breathe in the Australian air. It’s a stylish, fast, and sleek supercar you can’t help but fall in love with.  

Take The Top Down On Your Alfa Romeo 4C Spider And Let The Wind Blow Through Your Hair
A beauty with or without its top on, the Alfa Romeo Spider will get everyone looking your way. It is the spitting image of its ancestor, the Stradale 33, which hit the market nearly fifty years ago. However, this supercar has all of the conveniences that modern technology allows. Creative use of lightweight, yet strong materials, like an aluminium alloy engine and a carbon fibre interior shell allow this car to be light and nimble without sacrificing durability.

Enjoy Open Air Driving Without Having To Sacrifice Performance
Naturally, some structural changes had to be made in order for the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider to be roadworthy. Some of the elements are different, such as the bonnet, headlights, and exhaust. The frame has been strengthened to make up for the missing top. It is 45 kg heavier than its hard topped sibling, but can still achieve a top speed of 247 km/h, accelerating from 0-100 in just 4.5 seconds. In all, going topless will not place a burden on a thrilling ride.  

Embrace The World Of Motorsport In A Beautifully Sleek Interior
Putting your hands on the leather wrapped wheel of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is an exhilarating experience itself. Sitting in the competition style seats that put you in a comfortable racing posture makes you want to take off and head straight to the track. The thermoformed shell that makes up the dashboard holds all of the driver-centric controls. Every aspect of the interior is obviously inspired by the competition supercars. No matter where you drive to, you feel as if you are entering the world of racing every time you pull out of your driveway.