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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider; Best In Its Class

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s Price Is Best In Its Class  
There are many reasons why the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s price is best in its class. But you’ll also be pleased to find that this little powerhouse is not only a better value than its peers, but it’s simply the better vehicle all around.  

Why The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Is The Best Priced And The Best Car Choice In Its Class:
Deemed 2015’s Best Car To Buy   Websites like and all agree, the 4C Spider is the car to buy for 2015. Why? Is it the ultra-smooth and fast ride? Is it the way this Alfa rules the road? Is it its sleek, stylish interior? Is it its comparatively low price tag? Is it Alfa’s storied heritage? The answer is all of the above. The Spider has a 1.75-litre turbo charged four cylinder that produces 177kW and 350Nm. It seamlessly drives its rear wheels through a dual-clutch six-speed transmission. It accelerates from zero to 100km/h in 4.5 seconds. The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider doesn’t just rule the road; it owns the road.  

 A Fraction Of The Cost Of A Ferrari With More Features And Perks
At under 90k, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider price base is far below that of cars in its class. The Ferraris in its class are quite literally hundreds of thousands more with far fewer features and perks. Just because it’s the least expensive, doesn’t mean Alfa has, in any way, skimped on style or quality. For starters, every Alfa Romeo 4C Spider comes with Alfa’s signature DNA steering control selector, which adjusts for every different terrain or driving situation. This is just one of the many features that come standard with your Alfa Romeo 4C Spider.  

Unlike Any Modern Vehicle Since The 458 Italia  
Ferrari’s 458 Italia has undeniable class, charm and, of course, speed. As part of the F136 engine family, this car tears up the road. However, weighing in at 1025 kg, with a 1750 turbo petrol engine with direct injection an  "Alfa TCT" twin dry clutch transmission, and a 240 horsepower 4 cylinder turbocharged engine, the Spider isn’t just a better buy, it’s a better car.  

Do You Need More Reasons To Drive Away In Your Own 4C Spider?
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