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Alfa Romeo 4C Review| Reasons To Drive A 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C Review: Three Reasons To Drive A 4C  
 Looking for a car with curves, class, and speed? Look no further than the Alfa Romeo 4C; review these specs and see for yourself!  

Alfa Romeo 4C Is The Most Impressive Car In Its Class
All Alfas are born with a certain level of style, class, and of course, the signature Alfa speed. The 4C is no different. Part of a long legacy of Alfa vehicles, the 4C combines Alfa’s history and modern technology to create an unbeatable sports car. In this Alfa Romeo 4C review, we’ll highlight three of the specs that make this powerhouse of a vehicle the one car to own and drive:  

Dual-Clutch Six-Speed Transmission
The Alfa Romeo 4C may not have a manual gearbox, which puts off some Alfa enthusiasts, but the rapid-fire dual-clutch six-speed transmission more than makes up for it. At 150ms per shift, the dual clutch transmission is sensitive, with the same hairline control you demand from an Alfa. And because it’s an automatic, Alfa does the shifting for you; which lets you focus on the road.

Impressive Power-To-Weight Ratio  
The impressive power-to-weight ratio comes from the prevalent use of carbon fibre and bare bones essential packaging. It’s the aluminium chassis structure, carbon fibre monocoque, and composite body-shell that makes this one of the lightest sports vehicles available. Weighing in at 1025 kg, this is a supercar that’s lighter and, subsequently, faster than any car in its class.    

1.75-Litre Turbocharged Four-Cylinder Engine
The 4C comes equipped with a 1.75-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers 177kW of power and 350Nm of torque, and it delivers a powerful 80 per cent of that torque at 1700 rpms. What does that mean for you as the driver? A ton of power and speed behind the wheel. The Alfa Romeo 4C comes as close to flying as a car can get.  

Take The Road By Storm In Your Very Own 4C
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