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Alfa Romeo 4C Review: Packs A Punch With Unmistakable Alfa DNA

With unmistakable Alfa DNA, a powerful engine, a lightweight body, and an ultra-sensitive transmission, you can’t beat the Alfa Romeo 4C; review for yourself and see!

Alfas Are Born With One-Of-A-Kind DNA; There Is No Car Like Them

DNA; it’s the material that makes all creatures what they are. Likewise, Alfa’s DNA makes it unique amongst supercars. A driving selector that acts in the transmission, engine, steering and accelerator to adapt to dynamic (D), natural (N) and all weather (A) driving conditions.  These features are what make an Alfa an Alfa, and the Romeo 4C is no exception. Lightweight and lithe, this supercar is unmistakably an Alfa.

And, contrary to other sports car companies who have brought out limited edition lightweight versions of their supercars, instead of taking away features and charging more, Alfa Romeo has done the exact opposite. They’ve diluted nothing in this super car. In this Alfa Romeo 4C review, we’ll highlight three of the specs that make this little dynamo both unique and an undeniable Alfa:

1.75-Litre Turbocharged Four-Cylinder Engine Tears Up The Road

The 1.75-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivers 177kW of power and 350Nm of torque, with 80 per cent off torque at 1700 rpms.  Weighing in at just 1025kg, the Alfa Romeo 4C almost glides over the road itself. 

Predominant Carbon Fibre Body Delivers An Impressive Power-To-Weight Ratio

The predominant use of carbon fibre and bare bones essential packaging delivers an impressive power-to-weight ratio. It’s the carbon fibre monocoque, aluminium chassis structure and composite body-shell that keep the kilograms to a minimum. This supercar is truly light as a feather.

Dual-Clutch Six-Speed Transmission Makes Every Ride Exciting

The Alfa Romeo 4C does lack a manual gearbox, which may turn off some Alfa enthusiasts, but don’t think for a moment that this little road hawk lacks excitement because of it.  Instead of a manual gearbox, the Alfa Romeo 4c shifts with a rapid-fire dual-clutch six-speed transmission at 150ms per shift. This transmission is not only sensitive, but has the same hairline control you’d expect from an Alfa.

Are You Ready To Rule The Road In Your Alfa?

Do you want a splice of that Alfa DNA for your very own?  Visit Alfa Romeo to find an authorised dealer or to request more information on purchasing your own road-ruling super car.