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Alfa 4C In Australia Still A Work In Progress

The delays in bringing the Alfa 4C to Australia are the result of demand coupled with material shortages, but the vehicle that arrives here will be even better than announced. The car is a work in progress. Engineers and designers of the company are planning to tweak a few things to make the long-awaited vehicle even better.

Changes To Engine Possible

Although the car can do 100km/hour in just 4.5 seconds, Alfa Romeo CEO Harald Wester wants to see the car drop below four seconds. Also the CEO of Maserati, he knows that the engine could be modified for better performance. After all he noted, "We are only at 136 horsepower per litre, so there is space [for more power]." To accomplish this, it will be necessary to adjust the brakes to make it stop properly.

Future versions of the car will most likely incorporate these changes, even before the company adds a much more enhanced version of the car in its new line up in 2018. As future developments for the Alfa Romeo in Australia and elsewhere will be put in the hands of a select group of engineers charged with expanding the models offered by the brand, look for ongoing improvements in this vehicle.

New Light Options For Alfa 4C In Australia

Engine or brakes in the 4C might be modified, but changes are definitely coming to the headlights. While the car is regarded as a stylistic marvel, there has been some debate over the configuration of the headlights. The 4C offers uncovered headlights that remind many potential buyers of an insect or the spider. The design has triggered a phobia known as trypophobia, which is defined as the fear of clustered holes that can make people feel queasy or uncomfortable. The phobia is often triggered by wasp nests, beehives, and seed pods. Covered headlights will be available on the 4C as an alternative to the standard seven lamps on a black background configuration, while the new 4C Alfa Spider convertible will have the covered variation.

Committed To Continuous Improvement

Because the 4C is part of a new wave of Alfa Romeos, the company is likely to continue to make small changes to the model to meet buyer preferences and their own quest for engineering excellence. To date, the car has been highly praised by reviewers in the trade press, who proclaimed it the perfect car to take the Alfa Romeo brand back to its race car roots and establish it as the driver's car of today and of the immediate future.

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