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Alfa 4C Convertible Part Of Alfa Romeo Revolution In Australia

When the long awaited 4C coupe and 4C convertible hit the shores of Oz, they will be part of a $7.5 billion revival by parent company Fiat Chrysler in the sporty Alfa Romeo line. To Australians who have pined over the wide array of cars available elsewhere, the eight car line up of new cars will include two compacts, one midsize, a full-size, two SUVs, and three specialty cars, the class which includes the 4C and the 4C convertible. Some of the cars will be based on frames used for other cars in the Fiat Chrysler group.

Building A Competitive Brand

To make a plan a reality, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchione spoke of increasing production and getting the cars out of Italy and onto the roads of the world, including those in Australia. The hope is to raise sales of 4.4 million cars in 2013 to over 7 million by 2018. The strategy is similar to that of Volkswagen, who has been increasing its range of models in its quest to be the world's number one carmaker. Alfa Romeo brochures make it clear that the company is going back to its roots to "benchmark itself against the best the German automotive industry has to offer."

The newly designed cars will share attributes that Alfa Romeos have always been known for:

  • Advanced innovative engines
  • Nearly 50-50 weight distribution
  • Unique technical solutions
  • Class leading power to weight ratios
  • Italian design

Alfa models on the drawing board will stress rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive architecture rather than front-wheel-drive. Using four and six wheel engines, horsepower will approach 525 for petrol models and 365 for diesel models.

To put these goals into action, the company has assembled a team of 200 hand-picked engineers to reinvent the Alfa brand with an independence previously granted to Ferrari. The engineering group, headed by two senior heads from Ferrari, will grow to 600 by 2016.

The 4C Convertible And Beyond

While few specifics are known about the cars that Alfa Romeo will release, there have been rumblings about a 6C that would share underpinnings with a Maserati Alfieri, and join the 4C and the 4C convertible in the specialty range. The design and body will be designed in sports car size in a horsepower range of 410 to 500. The engine is said to be a 3.0 litre twin turbo V-6.

Whether you are planning to jump on a 4C or 4C convertible as soon as they hit Australian shores or wait for the models expected over the next few years, you will embrace an exciting part of Alfa Romeo history. For updates on the 4C coupe and 4C convertible, as well as upcoming models, sign up online or check with your dealer.