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Three Features That Are Considered Standouts In An Alfa Romeo 4C Review

When you read an Alfa Romeo 4C review, you get a feel for the excitement that surrounds the arrival of this spectacular vehicle onto Australian soil. The 4C will be released in limited quantities, but that has not stopped the buzz surrounding it. Reviewers are enamoured by its looks, performance, and clever efficiencies, and are as excited about this car as everyone else.

1. Reviewers Love The Exotic Beauty Of The Alfa 4C

Take a look at any Alfa Romeo 4C review, and you'll hear them lauding the exotic Italian look that this vehicle offers. They love the sporty profile, and its compact size. It has the feel of an old school roaster, with modern touches. Inside, you are surrounded by a clever instrument panel. Settle in to the body hugging seats and review your digital gear readout, along with your speedometer and tachometer. Over and over again, reviewers fall in love with the sleek sophistication of this crowd pleaser.

2. The Alfa 4C Review Hails Its High Performing Engine

With a fast, lightweight engine, those conducting an Alfa Romeo 4C review are impressed by how engineers are able to coax so much power out of a lightweight aluminium engine. Drivers have the benefit of a Twin Clutch Transmission (TCT) with Launch Control, which gives the car immediate power, which is continuously engaged. This allows you to optimise your acceleration and tease the highest level of performance out of your car. Reviewers love to hit the track and put the 4C's DNA system through its paces, particularly Race Mode. This cuts the stability control system and ABS, handing the car's control over to the driver.

3. Engineering Efficiencies Make The 4C Lighter And Faster

An Alfa Romeo 4C review points out the clever efficiencies that the carmaker has made. In addition to a lightweight aluminium engine, the chassis is manufactured from carbon fibre, which gives maximum strength in a lightweight form. Sheet Moulded Compound (SMC) body panels make additional strides in keeping the 4C lightweight and nimble.

See what all the buzz surrounding the Alfa 4C's debut in Australia is about. Contact your local Alfa Romeo dealer and learn more about this remarkable vehicle.