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Three Ways You Will Fall In Love With The Alfa Romeo 4C Interior

There is no denying that Alfa's 4C is a beautiful car to behold. Inspired by what is considered to be the most beautiful car ever made, its body has a sleek look, with every inch having been thought out and executed perfectly. The same holds true for the Alfa Romeo 4C interior. Racing inspired, functional, and sturdy, it is like no other car you will ever experience.

 The Look Of The Alfa Romeo 4C Interior Was Inspired By Racing

Sit down inside and take a look at the Alfa Romeo 4C Interior that surrounds you. You'll feel like you're entering the racing world. Settle into competition seats that keep your body in proper race posture. They have a reinforced structure made of composite materials and special padding meant to be lightweight and comfortable. Choose to cover your seat in either technical fabric or leather. Grab hold of the uniquely moulded steering wheel that has a flat bottom to offer more legroom. The dashboard is formed from a thermoformed shell, much like you find on other limited edition cars.

The 4C's Instrument Panel Was Designed For Maximum Accessibility And Functionality

Physical comfort aside, the Alfa Romeo 4C interior was made with the driver in mind, with no detail overlooked. You'll notice that all of the controls on the dashboard are oriented toward the driver, allowing you to have total control over the car's systems. Everything is easy to reach, and the instrument graphics are easy to read, also projecting the feel of competition cars and motorcycles. It will feel like this car was built around you, and it fits perfectly.

The Lightweight Strength Of The Carbon Fibre Passenger Cell Keeps You Protected

It's remarkable how a car that is so lightweight can feel so sturdy. As you sit in the Alfa Romeo 4C interior, you can't help but feel protected. This is mostly due to the fact that the passenger cabin is made from a single piece of moulded carbon fibre, like what you would find in a supercar. Space is cut out for the driver and passenger, resulting in a perfect fit.

The 4C will be gracing Australian shores before you know it, so make sure you are in the know about all Alfa Romeo happenings.