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Alfa Romeo 4C: Raising The Bar On Supercar Expectation

Tired of having the term "supercar" haphazardly applied to vehicles that simply don’t live up to the label? You may be ready for the new Alfa Romeo 4C. Offering a wide range of both fun and functional features, the Alfa Romeo 4C is forever raising the bar on what drivers can expect from a true supercar.

Alfa Romeo 4C Exterior: Exceptional And Functional Design Delivers Optimal Excursion Results

The Alfa Romeo 4C exterior touts all the sleek, refined, and sophisticated lines you'd expect from any vehicles in this renowned manufacturer's line. However, this supercar proves that it exudes brawn behind its outer beauty. This vehicle has been systemically test driven through various wind tunnel conditions to guarantee an aerodynamic excellence. The entire exterior design, including the single-piece carbon fibre body, has been engineered to deliver rugged performance during even the most demanding weather conditions.

Want further proof that the Alfa Romeo 4C deserves the supercar moniker? Take a peek under the bonnet. Here you'll find the powerful, yet fuel-efficient, 1.8L turbo charged engine. Touting an all-aluminium build, this highly capable motor helps distribute force evenly while the vehicle is moving. The result? The Alfa Romeo 4C can go from 0-100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds, ensuring that you'll arrive at any destination with all the power, force, and precision you'll need.

Alfa Romeo 4C: Extensive Range Of Impressive Design Innovations

Of course, the engine alone isn't the only system that helps define the Alfa Romeo 4C as a supercar. There are a host of state-of-the-art innovations designed specifically to raise the bar on what every driver (and passenger) should expect when getting behind the wheel. Owning this car means having access to a wide range of unparalleled features such as dual clutch transmission, top tier ventilated brakes, and high quadrilateral suspension. Best of all, the Alfa Romeo 4C comes with the distinctive Alfa DNA Race mode, which instantly elevates every ride in this supercar from super to superior.

Don't waste time with other vehicles claiming to offer supercar models; visit your local certified Alfa Romeo dealership today to schedule a test drive for yourself!