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Like The New Alfa Romeo 4C? You'll Love What's Coming Next

Australians, who have long complained that the car manufacturers of the world ignored them, will soon be enjoying an embarrassment of riches if Alfa Romeo CEO Harold Wester has his way. He recently revealed a plan to surpass the pre-eminence of German engineering, by developing a total of eight new cars for Oz. Every consumer will have an Alfa that meets their driving needs, possibly as early as 2018.

The 2018 Model Line

The anticipated Alfa models include:

  • A midsize sporting sedan in 2015.
  • A second style of a midsize sporting sedan in 2016.
  • Full-size rear wheel drive sedan in 2018.
  • A successor to the Giulietta, available in a five-door hatch, and a sedan or coupe.
  • 2 crossovers, one based on the Giulietta and a larger one based on a new platform.
  • A specialist car, probably a front engine, rear wheel drive Spider.

The line-up will include the 4C, but not the MiTo. The presentation of expected models also does not include the Spider version of the 4C with a removable top that was unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor show.

Crucial Characteristics

Each of the new cars promises to include five critical characteristics:

  • Advanced, innovative engines that will go beyond the popular multi-air and the 4C engine. Wester envisions a four-cylinder petrol that makes 80-130kW, a 1.8 making 120-249kW, and a 2.76 litre six cylinder engine capable of 370+ kW. There are also plans for four and six-cylinder diesel models that make 80 to 260 KW.
  • Lightweight, with best in class power to weight ratios.
  • Weight distribution equal front to rear. Analysts assume this means the cars will be rear wheel drive like Alfas of the past
  • Innovative and embodying "unique technical solutions," the product of cooperation with suppliers who will give their technology to Alfa Romeo first.
  • "Groundbreaking and distinctively Italian design".

This expanded product line, according to Wester, should help Alfa sales grow from 74,000 worldwide in 2013 to over 400,000 by 2018. Alfa is hoping to meet the Germans in ranges where they have a competitive car.

The Wester plan, backed by corporate management, is ambitious, but Alfa is assembling a team of 600 engineers on task to imitate, not just adapt, what's been done by Alfa Romeo or by other members of the Fiat Chrysler family in the past. A growing group already has its own building and its marching orders to meet tight deadlines. The goal is to develop a world-class rear wheel drive/AWT architecture for larger cars.

The New Alfa Romeo 4C Leads The Charge

Analysts outside of Alfa may wonder if the company can meet these goals, but anyone who has studied the technology and enjoyed the ride embodied in the new Alfa Romeo 4C has no doubt that when 2018 rolls around, the Alfa line, reputation, and market share will be much more robust than it is now.