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Alfa Romeo 4C Price Makes The Supercar Affordable

Of all the features of the new Alfa Romeo 4C, it is the Alfa Romeo 4C price that is getting the most attention. The affordability of the luxury Italian motor vehicle is a large part of its appeal, though the auto's performance and good looks aren't to be ignored either.

Features Of The 4C

Nothing has been left to chance in the 4C. Every design feature and component has been chosen, sometimes specifically engineered for the 4C, to maximise performance and retain that supercar look. Some have even compared the 4C to a mini-Ferrari when viewed from the rear. But the Alfa Romeo 4C price assures you it is not a Ferrari.

Features of the 4C that impress even the most discerning of the supercar aficionados include:

  • Rear engine. Designed to save weight and maximise the front-end aerodynamics.
  • Carbon fibre Monocoque Chassis weighs just 65kg for a total dry weight of 895 kg.
  • 1.75-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivers 176kW of power and 350Nm of torque.
  • 6-speed dual clutch transmission.
  • Oversized Brembo┬« brakes.
  • Alfa DNA 4-mode driving system.
  • Acceleration speed of 4.5 seconds to reach 100 km/h, topping out at 250 km/h.

Alfa Romeo 4C Price Demonstrates Alfa Romeo's Push For Affordability

Alfa Romeo has made a conscious effort to produce an affordable supercar, putting the experience of driving such power-charged luxury within reach of many of today's new car buyers.

Limiting production to just 3500 production vehicles worldwide places high demand on the super sportscar, yet the price point hasn't risen in response to the demand. This deliberate effort by the auto manufacturer to keep the Alfa Romeo 4C price within reason shows a dedication to consumers that other supercar manufacturers neglect.

This strong focus on the consumer's experience is just one of many reasons Alfa Romeo has endured as a beloved supercar manufacturer for decades. Supercar performance, combined with luxury driving details and a consumer-focused approach, cement Alfa Romeo's spot as the supercar of choice.

For those who dream of owning a supercar or an automobile that carries the legendary Alfa Romeo brand, the Alfa Romeo 4C price makes it possible like never before. Visit your local Alfa Romeo dealer to experience all that the Alfa Romeo 4C price offers.