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5 Ways The Alfa Romeo 4C Is Impressing Car Experts

No one technically needs a super car. But once you see the Alfa Romeo 4C, your brain will try to convince you otherwise. This sleek rear-wheel drive coupe is handcrafted by Italian designers and engineers. It's an untamed alternative to the subdued vehicles you normally see on the road. Even at low speeds, the 4C gives the impression that it's ready to spring into action.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is scheduled to have a low-volume production in 2014. That's due to the fact that the vehicle is manufactured with the utmost attention to detail. It's not mass-produced like the most common autos sold in Australia.

Below, we'll give you an up-close glimpse at what the 4C offers. You'll learn why the vehicle is turning heads among auto experts.

#1 - Low-Weight Chassis

The vehicle's frame is light and all but indestructible, ensuring the safety of driver and passenger. It's made of a lightweight carbon fibre monocoque that weighs in at a slight 65kg. While the material protects the occupants from injury, its low weight means the 4C won't be anchored in place.

#2 - Turbocharged Engine

Unlike other Alfa Romeo autos in which the engine is found in the front under the hood, the 4C's engine is found in the rear. It's a turbocharged 175-litre petrol engine with 4 cylinders. While its position in the rear reduces the vehicle's storage space, it comes with enough power to make you quickly forget about that small detail.

The engine is paired with a 6-speed dual clutch automatic transmission that optimises shifting as the speedometer races up and down.

#3 - Substantial Torque

The 4C offers a considerable amount of torque (350Nm), which allows it to accelerate quickly after lift-off. The vehicle has been road-tested to climb from 0 to 100 km/hr in under 5 seconds. Whether you're pushing the engine on the open road or visiting the nearest grocery store, you'll feel the vehicle's bristling energy throughout your body.

#4 - Control Flexibility

Alfa Romeo's DNA technology (Dynamic, Natural, and All-Weather) has been incorporated into the 4C, giving you near-absolute control of the vehicle.

When the road's surface is wet and slippery, move the selector into All-Weather mode to enjoy more traction. If you want a driving experience that's close to what you'd face on the race track, move the selector into Dynamic mode. For a more relaxed driving experience, one where the 4C optimises fuel economy and emission levels, put the DNA selector into Natural Mode.

#5 - Modern Racing Look

The most distinct attribute of the 4C is its appearance. With a streamlined body that's reminiscent of the jaguar, it seems designed for the race circuit. To that end, the engine is capable of achieving ultra-fast acceleration thanks to its considerable torque. Regardless of where you drive, you can be sure the vehicle will turn heads.

Car experts expect the Alfa Romeo 4C will sell quickly to well-heeled individuals. It's a fun, vivacious vehicle that has already carved its place into the Alfa brand. To schedule a test drive, contact your local authorised dealer.