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6 Reasons Car Enthusiasts Are Choosing The Alfa Romeo MiTo

Car aficionados have long been smitten with the Alfa Romeo MiTo, a feisty vehicle designed to accommodate those who lead active lifestyles. But it's not always easy to get a straight answer regarding what they like about the car. Ask them to highlight their favourite features and you'll likely hear a variety of responses. The fact is, the MiTo has attracted fans for numerous reasons, a testament to its adaptability.

Below, we'll list 6 attributes that have gotten the attention of consumers and auto experts. Some are likely to be more important to you than others. The good news is that the Alfa Romeo MiTo brings them together in one breathtaking package.

#1 - Gutsy Engine

Alfa Romeo created a buzz in the auto industry when it announced plans to integrate its progressive MultiAir technology into the MiTo's engine. The technology has received accolades as well as numerous awards since it debuted a few years ago.

The bottom line: you'll enjoy reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, better fuel economy, and improved performance over lesser engines.

#2 - Good Fuel Economy

One of the ways in which the MiTo's MultiAir-equipped engine conserves petrol is via its Start & Stop feature. When you're caught in traffic or stopped at a traffic light, it automatically turns the engine off to reduce its idling time. When you press on the accelerator, the system turns the engine back on.

Note that although the Start & Stop system runs automatically, it can be turned off by the driver.

#3 - Streamlined Design

Like other Alfa Romeo vehicles, the MiTo is an icon of design. From its characteristic V-shaped grille to its LED taillights, the car exudes sophistication with a stylish flair.

#4 - Interior Comfort

When you sit in the passenger compartment, the seat practically wraps around your body. Don't be surprised if you get the feeling that you're sitting in a cockpit. Behind the steering wheel sits a sleek, minimalist dashboard with easy-to-read gauges. Climate controls, audio controls, and other features are within easy reach, making the driving experience a pleasure you'll look forward to rather than a chore to avoid.

#5 - Alfa Romeo MiTo DNA

Alfa Romeo's DNA technology is designed to customise your vehicle's performance to your driving habits, based on prevailing road conditions. By doing so, it improves safety and handling while letting you leverage the engine's power and torque.

The DNA system is so named for its three settings: Dynamic, Natural, and All Weather. Put it in Dynamic mode to enjoy the innate sportiness of the MiTo. Natural mode optimises drivability - e.g. traction, steering, etc. - while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. In All Weather mode, the DNA technology maximises traction, a valuable feature when driving on slippery roads.

#6 - Twin Clutch Transmission

The Alfa Romeo MiTo has been fitted with an innovative, semi-automatic twin clutch transmission. Two gearboxes make it possible for dual gears to be engaged at the same time. That configuration optimises up-shifts during acceleration and downshifts during deceleration. One of the positive side effects is better fuel economy.

There are a lot of reasons to like the MiTo. Visit an authorised dealer and see for yourself why car enthusiasts are so excited by the vehicle.