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An Alfa MiTo QV Review Of 4 Active Safety Features

Whether you're zipping around town on a date with your favourite main squeeze, or you're taking your kids to and from school, safety is vitally important. If you're interested in the Alfa MiTo QV, review the many different active safety features that you can find inside.

An Alfa MiTo QV Review Of Anti-Lock Brakes

Anti-lock brakes can help keep everyone in the car safe, even as the tires connect with a slippery road. They will help the car stop, even as the tyres lose traction with the road. The anti-lock brake system keeps the wheels from locking and lessens the distance it takes to stop. Drivers can also steer more easily when a vehicle has anti-lock brakes.

An Alfa MiTo QV Review Of Hill Holder

Another way the Alfa MiTo QV keeps drivers and passengers safe is with the hill holder system. This system helps keep drivers from slipping back whenever they're stopped on a hill. Using it is easy! The hill holder simply keeps the brake engaged for a few seconds after the brake pedal is released, which helps keep the car from slipping backwards.

An Alfa MiTo QV Review Of Electronic Car Stability Control

It happens to the best driver! Something unexpected comes across your path and you jerk the wheel in order to avoid it. Without electronic car stability control, you could have a serious accident because of this over-steering. Without ESC, the car can fishtail, leaving drivers and passengers vulnerable to an accident. However ESC automatically applies the brakes, keeping you safely on the road.

An Alfa MiTo QV Review Of Alfa Active Steering

The Alfa active steering system seamlessly integrates electric steering in the ESC. If the system detects an oversteer, a light on the steering wheel flashes to alert the driver and allow them to correct the oversteer themselves.

These are a just a few of the many, many active safety features that drivers will find in the Alfa MiTo QV. To review other safety features, please click here to learn more about the vehicle.

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