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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review: What Can You Find Inside?

If you've never been inside an Alfa Romeo Giulietta you're missing out! Drivers and passengers alike are drawn to the thoughtful details and comfortable styling. This Alfa Romeo Giulietta review goes over some of the things that drivers can find inside these cars.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review: Streamlined Shape And Sharp Lines

If you're looking for a streamlined interior, you can't go wrong with a Giulietta. The vehicle's interior gets its shape from history and gives drivers and passengers alike a sense that they've travelled back to the 1950s, but with a modern flair. The interior has all the comforts modern drivers demand with air conditioning, a 12V power socket in the centre console, a six speaker sound system, a radio with a CD player with MP3 capability, and even the Blue&Me system which makes hands-free phone calls a breeze.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review: Enough Space For Drivers And Passengers

Whether you're in your Giulietta for just a few minutes at a time or you're planning on an extended road trip, it's important that you're comfortable. That's why the Giulietta has been designed with your comfort in mind. Every centimetre of the interior has been thoughtfully designed to maximise space with the dimensions and proportions of a compact car.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review: Wraparound Seats That Are Comfortable And Stylish

All the space in the world won't matter if the seats aren't comfortable and stylish. That's why the designers of the Giulietta have taken the time to design seats that look and feel great. The Standard and Progression models have sprint fabric in black upholstery, while the Distinctive version has competizone fabric in either a black or black/grey upholstery. The Quadrifoglio Verde version has special QV fabric with leather bolsters in black upholstery. Leather seats are available as an optional upgrade in both the Distinctive and Quadrifoglio Verde versions.  

This Alfa Romeo Giulietta review doesn't cover everything you'll find in the vehicle's interior, but it's a great place to start. If you're interested in learning more about these unique cars, please visit the Alfa Romeo website to request a brochure, inquire about a price, or even schedule a test drive with a local dealership.