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The Alfa Romeo 4C Review Of Rear Wheel Drive

When you're researching new vehicles, it's important that buyers fully understand the difference between front wheel and rear wheel drive. Let the Alfa Romeo 4C review what exactly rear wheel drive is, and the advantages drivers can find when they drive an Alfa Romeo 4C with rear wheel drive.

An Alfa Romeo 4C Review Of Rear Wheel Drive

Rear wheel drive cars typically have the engine in the front and the drive wheels in the back. Although all wheels are important, it's the drive wheels that receive torque to propel the vehicle forward.

Why Rear Wheel Drive Is Used In The Alfa Romeo 4C

There are a lot of benefits of driving a rear wheel drive vehicle, especially for the 4C, which is known for its speed. If the driver takes a corner too quickly, most cars can easily lose a little bit of traction. However, vehicles that use rear wheel drive will typically oversteer, which can help drivers take sharp corners without losing control.

Some people also find that their suspension will last longer. This is because there is more room in the front of the car for the suspension. The arms and rods will often have a longer lifespan because of this.

Traction during acceleration can also be improved. When drivers accelerate, the weight is placed on the rear wheels, which improves traction and keeps a vehicle's tyres from slipping as the car accelerates. During an Alfa Romeo 4C review, it was found that the vehicle can go from 0-100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds and the rear wheel drive is what helps reduce slipping.

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