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Alfa MiTo Review: 3 Features You'll Find Standard In The Distinctive Model

If you're shopping for an Alfa MiTo, choosing between the different models is a major decision. Before you decide whether the Twin Air, Progression, or the Distinctive model is right for you, let Alfa MiTo review three features that will come standard in the Distinctive model. Knowing what's included can help make your decision an easier one.

Alfa MiTo Review Of Dual Zone Climate Control

If you have a partner who is always cold, while you're always overheated, a dual zone climate control can really come in handy. While some dual zone climate controls allow passengers to only adjust the temperature, the MiTo's control allows both temperature and distribution to be controlled separately. The dual zone climate control means that both the driver and the passenger can completely personalise the temperature and air force to their exact wishes and it is ideal for couples who frequently travel together.

Alfa MiTo Review Of Rear Parking Sensors

If you have a problem reversing, you're not alone. Many minor fender benders happen when a driver accidentally backs into a car or another object that's parked behind them. To reduce this risk, the MiTo Distinctive offers rear parking sensors. The sensors will be able to determine if there is something directly behind the rear bumper and will emit a loud noise, alerting the driver to the danger before an accident occurs.

Alfa MiTo Review Of Auto Rain Sensing Wipers

The MiTo Distinctive also has automatic rain sensing windscreen wipers. This means that the wipers will sense just how quickly they need to work to keep the windscreen clean and clear. Whether it's raining a little -- or a lot -- your vehicle will be able to ensure that the wipers are working at the ideal speed.

If you're interested in your very own Alfa MiTo review, visit the Alfa Romeo website and schedule a test drive so you can experience the vehicle and its features for yourself. Click here for a full list of the differences between the Twin Air, the Progression, and the Distinctive models so that you can determine which one is ideal for your needs.