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Presenting Australia's First Accessible Supercar - The Alfa 4C

Here at Alfa Romeo we don't believe that the luxury driving experience should be limited only to those who can afford to spend upwards of half a million dollars on their auto. The arrival of the Alfa 4C will represent the birth of a new kind of supercar, one that combines cutting edge engineering and performance with a starting price lower than any other car in its class.

Alfa 4C: Affordable World-class Performance

The Alfa 4C has been created using years of research and development to allow us to offer a vehicle that meets the expectations of serious motoring enthusiasts, at a price that will be accessible to a much wider range of buyers than the average supercar. Only 1000 Launch Edition versions will be produced, with a total of 3500 production vehicles expected to leave the factory in the first year.

A Much Lower Price Than Other Vehicles In Its Class

Because of its unique construction and performance capabilities, the Alfa 4C has few peers in its class. The 4C is built around a mid-chassis 1.8L turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which pumps out 176kW of power and 350Nm of torque, pushing the sport coupe from 0-100km/h in only 4.5 seconds, with top speeds exceeding 250km/h. On paper, these numbers match up to vehicles like the Porsche Cayman, but the 4C's price point could be less than many similar autos.

What Does That Low Price Point Buy?

The Alfa Romeo 4C is built on a specially manufactured carbon-fibre chassis, with advanced, lightweight materials used throughout its construction to maximise its power to weight ratio. In addition, countless hours spent in the wind tunnel have crafted a sleek exterior that's able to cut a clean path and virtually eliminate drag. With its aggressive stance and race-tuned aerodynamics, the Alfa 4C manages to be equal parts beauty and beast.

The passenger cabin was constructed to emulate a race car, but with the conveniences and comforts of a luxury vehicle. While you'll discover more carbon fibre throughout the cockpit, there are also soft touch materials and the latest in driving technology. The 4C features Alfa's innovative DNA system and an exclusive Race mode, which fine tunes performance to mimic the race vehicles from which the 4C takes so much of its inspiration.

With impressive performance numbers and exotic looks, at a price point well below all of its competitors, the Alfa 4C is expected to sell out its initial limited production run quickly, so interested buyers are urged to contact their local dealer right away to express their interest.