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The Alfa Romeo 4C In Australia 4 Important Facts

Since it's unveiling as a concept vehicle in 2011, the Alfa Romeo 4C has been slowly redefining what it means to drive, and own, a truly unique supercar. But with so much buzz surrounding this beautiful Italian-made auto, we know that you have questions about exactly what the 4C has to offer. Below are four key aspects of the 4C that deserve attention.

Rethinking the Supercar

At Alfa, we've taken our return to the supercar market very seriously, and the innovative Alfa Romeo 4C in Australia is a testament to that devotion. From the intricately sculpted body to its over-engineered braking system, the 4C is the result of years of determined design distilled into the perfect sports coupe, and is refreshingly unlike anything else on the road today.

The Facts About Its Engine

We designed the 4C's turbo charged 1.8L engine to produce exhilarating power while maintaining optimal efficiency. The all-aluminium construction complements the overall lightweight design of the vehicle, while producing an impressive 176 kW of power. This focus on weight management allows the four-cylinder power plant to push the FC to top speeds of over 250 km/h, with acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds.

The Function Behind The Form Of The 4C Exterior

The beautiful lines of the 4C not only recall the iconic Alfa vehicles of the past, but also aid in its impressive performance. Before the 4C ever arrives on Australian shores, it's already driven hundreds of kilometres in our wind tunnels to ensure that each bend and curve results in optimal aerodynamics. The single-piece carbon fibre body and aluminium front and rear frames keep the auto nimble, while allowing for its race-inspired stance.

The Driving Experience Of The Alfa Romeo 4C in Australia

The idea of producing the ultimate driving experience is what motivated the entire team behind the Alfa Romeo 4C. Components like a high quadrilateral suspension, dual clutch transmission, top tier ventilated brakes, and performance tyres all combine to produce a machine that drives as beautifully as it looks. Add in the exclusive Alfa DNA Race mode, and you have an auto that was specifically designed to create a new standard in driving excitement.

If you'd like to begin your own fact-finding adventure about the Alfa Romeo 4C in Australia, contact your local dealer.

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