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An Alfa Romeo 4C Review Will Make You Fall In Love With Sports Cars

Any Alfa 4C review underscores why this new sports car is an exciting entry into the world of high performance, exotic looking sports cars. The journalists who write for major automotive magazines are first and foremost ‘car guys’. They love cars and when they find one deserving of special love, they want to pass along their passion to readers. Maybe that's why they love the new 4C.

And why not? It's sexy, speedy, light, affordable, and drivable. What more could you ask?

What's Not To Love?

Virtually every Alfa 4C review starts out by praising the sexy lines. Designed by Allessandro Maccolini, the car is low and shapely. Measuring 2,380 mm long, 1,864 mm wide, and 1,183 mm high, it is 0.3 m shorter than a Porsche Cayman.

Despite its compact size, it performs like the ‘little engine that could’ of sports cars. As many reviews has pointed out, the 175 kW of horsepower and 350 Nm of torque pale behind those of other larger sports cars, but the 1.7 L engine does the job, as it will get the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. It can competently accelerate up to 250 km/h.

With a lot to love, the Alfa 4C is lightweight. To improve aerodynamics, every component of the car was evaluated for both performance and what it would add to the weight. The dry weight of the car without fuel and fluids will be less than 900 kg. It's made of 30% aluminium, 23% steel, 10% carbon fibre, with the remainder being composite and other materials.

Prices for Australia have not yet been finalised, though it is expected to go for a fraction of the price of competitive sports cars. Not intended to be a budget family car, the Alfa 4C will have a price that's easy to justify for a sports car - especially considering that it is largely handmade.

Every Alfa Romeo Review Agrees

Most journalists who write an Alfa 4C review after seeing and driving one are united on one main point: Buy one if you can. This sporty new car brings the heritage of an honoured manufacturer back to the marketplace with its style, innovation, and performance.

This beauty will be on Australian shores in just a few months. Sign up today to receive the latest information on prices, availability, and other information about this amazing car.