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Meet The Alfa Romeo 4C 2014, The New Face Of The Brand

Despite a long history of cars known for their style, innovation, and technological prowess, Alfa Romeo is only sold in 5% of the world, a situation that owner Fiat wants to change. By 2016, the company would like to see market penetration increased to 32%. The car chosen as the new face of the brand is the hot, sporty Alfa Romeo 4C 2014.

Intended For Wider Distribution

A car that pays homage to the great Alfa sports cars of the past, this new long-awaited model will be the first one offered in the United States since 1995. In Australia, where selective models of the brand were previously distributed by a third-party, the cars had limited availability and were hard to fix due to the lack of service facilities.

Now Fiat is introducing the Alfa Romeo 4C in 2014 not only in Europe, but in the U.S. and Asian-Pacific region where Australia is located. Doing this requires some engineering differences among the models offered in each country, such as right or left-handed steering, and adherence to national safety requirements. Fiat no longer wants to be a niche company offering an even more niche car, but wants to be more of a mainstream brand. To facilitate this, the company is expanding its network of dealerships that in some markets might carry the whole Fiat line of Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Chrysler, and Jeep, and will even have on-site service facilities.

Leaving Some History In The Dust

In the past, the Alfa Romeo brand was perceived as lacking reliability. The job of the fast, sleek Alfa Romeo 4C in 2014 is to leave this part of the brand's history in the dust, while impressing buyers with practical new technology. With the 4C, Alfa is committed to addressing reliability issues in the past. In the manufacturing process, the body undergoes 400 measurement tests. Before completion, the car must pass 351 different tests before it leaves the factory, and is then given a 40 km road test. This rigid quality control is why production on the car will top out at around 2,500-3,500 cars per year, as the daily production is limited to 12 cars. The next challenge is to translate the care used to build the Alfa Romeo 4C 2014 to mass production.

More To Come After The Alfa Romeo 4C in 2014

Although only 2500-3500 4C models are expected to come to market each year, it will lead the pack for models to follow with new architecture and advanced engineering. The cars to follow the Alfa Romeo 4C 2014 will be rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive models with a sporty feel. The 4C is an impressive car on its own, but Fiat has made clear that there is plenty more to come in this line.

For now, the Alfa Romeo 4C 2014, introduced as a concept car in 2011, is ready to hit the roads of the world. Australia is expected to get a small supply starting midyear, and anticipation is high. To stay up to date on the latest announcements about pricing, availability, and features, click here. When the 4C is here, make sure to contact your dealer to request a test drive.