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Three Ways The 2014 Alfa Romeo QV Review Places It As A 'Must Watch' Car For The Upcoming Year

Whenever a new or revised car comes to market, reviewers take great care in evaluating and reporting on them to the public. The 2014 Alfa Romeo QV review is no different. Experts have taken a close look at this car, and deemed it to be a leader among its peers; one to follow in the upcoming year.

1. Contains Some Of The Best Styling Of Its Class

Those who conducted the 2014 Alfa Romeo QV noted the strong styling that makes the car stand out from the Volkswagen Golf GTI, BMW's 1 Series, and the Audi A3 Sportback. On the inside, a smart dashboard setup, comfortable and roomy seating, as well as plenty of room in the boot are all advantages noted by reviewers. As remarkable as the strong looks and creative touches are, the most remarkable thing to note when comparing these cars is sticker prices. The QV is substantially less expensive than the other cars in its class.

2. A Strong Comfortable Ride

When reporting on the 2014 Alfa Romeo QV review, consistent remarks are made about the car's smooth ride and precise shifting. They note the exhilarating feel of the QV's quick acceleration. Adding to this feeling of comfort is the car's suspension system; it smoothly navigates bumps in the road without feeling too firm, as has been said about some competitors. By utilising technology such as Vehicle Dynamic Control and Brake Assist, drivers feel strongly in control of the vehicle as they drive.

3. The 2014 Alfa Romeo QV Review Notes An Impressive Safety Rating

Safety is a big selling point for those looking to purchase a new car. The 2014 Alfa Romeo QV review points out the car's 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating, the highest possible rating. With a comprehensive airbag system and features in place to ensure a solid grip on the road, reviews see the QV as a car that is low risk on multiple fronts, and has looks, power, and practicality.

Visit an Alfa Romeo dealer to see for yourself what the reviewers have been raving about. Get behind the wheel of a Giulietta QV today.