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How The Alfa Romeo QV Giulietta Offers Performance While Respecting The Environment

It is important to respect the world around us, and it can be difficult to find efficiencies while still meeting our own wants and needs. The Alfa Romeo QV Giulietta meets this challenge, offering a vehicle that uses cutting edge technology to maximise fuel efficiency, minimise unsafe emissions, and all while offering a vehicle with enough power to perform well in any driving situation.

The Alfa Romeo QV Giulietta Uses Its MultiAir Engine To Maximise Fuel Efficiency

The innovative MultiAir technology available in the Alfa Romeo QV Giulietta optimises petrol combustion at all speeds and driving conditions, allowing the engine to have dynamic and direct control of its air and combustion. What this means to you is that no matter how you drive, you will be consuming 10% less petrol, while putting 10% less carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. In addition, up to 40% less particulate matter will be released into the atmosphere, with 60% less mono-nitrogen oxides that can contribute to air pollution.

Start&Stop Technology Reduces Petrol Consumption When You Are In Heavy Traffic

The life of a commuter can mean a great deal of time sitting in traffic, burning petrol. Happily, the Alfa Romeo QV Giulietta is equipped with Start&Stop technology. Now, when you are idling at a standstill, the system automatically cuts the power to your engine. Once it is time to start moving again, your car starts up on its own, allowing you to continue on your way. The result is a significant reduction in wasteful fuel consumption, as your car does not need to run when it is sitting still. This is good for both your wallet and the environment, as higher fuel efficiency means fewer stops for petrol, and less harmful emissions being released into the environment.

Both Earth Friendly And Powerful

Don't mistake the Alfa Romeo QV Giulietta for a weak automobile. It is anything but, with a powerful turbo engine that is sure to impress even the most cynical driver. This is a car that proves that you don't have to choose a strong performing car over the environment.

Visit your local Alfa Romeo dealer today to learn more about Giulietta QV and its earth friendly take on strong performance.