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Three Ways The Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV Stands Apart From Other Cars

You cannot deny that an Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV is unlike any other vehicle on the road today. It possesses distinctive styling coupled with unrivalled performance. Add to that safety features and one of the highest Euro NCAP Safety ratings, and you realise that the car that you are driving is something truly special

1. A 90-Year History Of Automotive Excellence

From the first time an Alfa Romeo race car driver put a four-leaf clover on his car, and won the Targa Florio race, a history of high performance vehicles was established. The Quadrifoglio Verde (QV) has gone on to be the globally recognised symbol of the heart and soul of Alfa Romeo's racing legacy. It also represents cars like the Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV, which is one of the highest performance vehicles in their strong line of cars.

2. An Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV Has A Look That Sets It Apart

It can be hard to choose between a car that is sporty, and one that is elegant. With the Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV, you do not have to. The QV is the perfect marriage between athleticism and class, on the cutting edge of technology and performance. The streamlined interior is no different. It balances class and practicality, keeping everything you need at your fingertips, with a sleek Italian design that offers a beautiful, yet comfortable ride.

3. The Giulietta Raises The Bar On Performance And Safety

People who spend a great deal of time in their car want to feel secure as they drive from place to place. When driving a car that performs like an Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV, this is particularly true. You want to know that you are safe while you are controlling such a powerful vehicle. There is no need to worry, as the QV enjoys a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating. With an agile suspension, brakes, tyres engineered to keep you on the road where you belong, and a six airbag system in the event of a crash, you know that you are driving a car created to take care of you as you drive.

Locate your local Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV dealer and arrange a test drive, to see how different this car actually is.