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Three Things You Didn't Know About The 90th Quadrifoglio Verde Alfa Giulietta Anniversary

In the automotive world, 90 years is a long legacy to carry. This year's Alfa Giulietta QV anniversary proves just how successful Alfa Romeo has been in all aspects of its automotive business. A storied history of racing success, followed up by specialty vehicles with the excellence needed to bear the Quadrifoglio Verde badge.

 1. A Long History Of Winning

All the way back in 1923, racer Ugo Sivocci was considered to be the eternal second-placer. He was an experienced driver, but often suffered from bad luck that put him just short of victory, time and time again. Before the Targa Florio race, one of the biggest races of their season, he decided to paint a white square containing a green four-leaf clover on his car. He won that race, and was no longer doomed to life as a runner-up. From then on, all Alfa Romeo racing cars would bear the QV badge as a lucky charm, and the greatest drivers to hit the track have raced under this now well-known symbol.

2. After 60 Years Of Racing Luck, The Quadrifoglio Verde Began To Represent The Best Production Model Trims

During the 1980s, well before the Alfa Guilietta QV anniversary, Alfa Romeo chose to use the moniker Quadrifoglio Verde to represent the sports trim level of their cars. Even though the symbolic value of the badge was split between racing and production, it's projection of quality and good fortune remained. Alfa experienced success by bringing Italian luxury and their own tradition together, to produce cars that are unrivalled among their peers.

3. The Alfa Giulietta QV Anniversary Is The Culmination Of A Legacy

Both in racing and on the street, Alfa Romeo cars have been a huge part of automotive history. The 90th Alfa Giulietta QV anniversary shows how deep this legacy runs. It offers all the best features available, as well as beauty, power, and the safety features that you expect. It is as if history has come full circle, allowing non-racers to become a part of the Quadrifoglio Verde story.

To learn how the Alfa Giulietta QV anniversary is continuing its long history, pay a visit to your local dealer and test drive one today.