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Alfa Romeo 4C Dealers Striving To Meet Demand For The Sizzling Sports Car

When it was recently announced that the new Alfa Romeo supercar, the 4C, would be hitting Australian shores in the first half of 2014, Alfa Romeo 4C dealers were immediately inundated with calls from interested drivers.

Sports car enthusiasts were eager to put their name on the list as interested potential buyers for the extremely limited supply of vehicles that will be produced and shipped from the Italian automaker's facility. But what has so acutely drawn their attention? Why have Alfa Romeo 4C dealers had to put a hold on any additional pre-orders? What's so special about this stunning two-seater?

Why Luxury Car Enthusiasts Are So Interested

The short answer is that the 4C offers many features only found in much more expensive vehicles. Its carbon fibre monocoque chassis is something rarely seen even amongst similarly designed supercars. While it's priced similarly to offerings from Porsche and BMW, this focus on cutting edge materials means that the 4C weighs in at around 300kgs less.

The second piece of the power to weight ratio puzzle is the equally lightweight MultiAir 1.7L turbocharged engine, and dual-clutch, 6-speed transmission that produces upwards of 175kW of power and 350Nm of torque.

Deluxe Launch Model To Satisfy Even The Most Discriminating Buyer

Alfa Romeo has confirmed that only 3500 of the 4C will be produced each year, with only 10 percent allocated for the Asia-Pacific market. For those with a taste for something even more exclusive, the automaker will be manufacturing a limited Launch Edition comprising only 1000 total vehicles. This upgraded version will feature a carbon-fibre body kit, darker alloys and front air intakes, a sport exhaust, a race-tuned suspension, special interior cabin detailing, and an upgraded engine that produces a bit of additional power. This version is sure to be the target for most collectors, and Alfa Romeo 4C dealers have already filled the bulk of their allotted pre-orders.

If this new exciting offering from the Italian automaker has piqued your interest, contact your local dealership for more information on availability.