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The 2013 Alfa Romeo MiTo Gives You Maximum Style And Performance, In A Perfect Little Package

A 2013 Alfa Romeo MiTo is the ideal car for the urban dweller on the go. It provides you with the turbo performance and compact size you require to navigate city streets, while emphasising good looks, safety, and efficiency. 

Handles The Challenges Of City Living With Style

Driving in the city poses special challenges. Between other cars on the road, the pedestrians, and parking difficulties, no two driving experiences are the same. The 2013 Alfa Romeo MiTo helps combat this with its super- Mini size and powerful engine, allowing you to zip through traffic easily. A 2511mm wheelbase enables drivers to easily park in the tightest of spots. Not everyone drives as well as you do, but feel protected by front, side, and curtain airbags, as well as ABS brakes, and Vehicle Dynamic Control. You can move through your city life, confident that you have the right vehicle for your lifestyle.

The 2013 Alfa Romeo MiTo Allows You To Be Seen As You Go About Your Day

You spend a lot of time in your car, and want to stand out as you drive from place to place. The 2013 Alfa Romeo MiTo has beautiful Italian styling, inspired by the Alfa 8C Competizione, which gives you the feeling of elegance and power, in addition to a car that is fun to drive. Once inside the car, be indulged by the cockpit feel of the dashboard, and comfortable seating. Further customise your vehicle with options such as sunroof or sports leather upholstery, to further establish your status as someone who knows how to treat themselves well.

An Elegant Car Doesn’t Have To Be Bad For The Environment

It is possible to drive in luxury, while maintaining a green lifestyle. The 2013 Alfa Romeo MiTo has cutting edge MultiAir technology, which enables the engine to maintain its turbo power, while controlling emissions and reducing fuel consumption. Add to that Start&Stop technology, which makes it so that your car’s engine is only running when it is moving, while maintaining access to the rest of the vehicle. These features give you an impressive fuel consumption of 7.1 l/100km for city driving, and 4.5 l/100km highway (5.5 l/100km combined).

Take a look at a brochure, or arrange to test drive a 2013 Alfa Romeo MiTo today at your local dealer.