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Four Reasons To Buy An Alfa Romeo 4C

The 4C by Alfa Romeo is the latest Italian supercar to take the market by storm. If you are looking for a performance vehicle, then you need to check out this coupe. Here are just four of the reasons why you should buy a 4C.

1. A State Of The Art, Low Weight Body

A low body weight offers you superior speed and handling characteristics, and the 4C delivers with a chassis that weighs only 65 kg. The engineers at Fiat have accomplished this feat with a cutting edge single-piece carbon fibre body. This technology creates the low weight required of a high performance coupe, while also creating the remarkable aesthetic of a single piece chassis.

2. Make A Statement On The Road With This Coupe

The carbon fibre body is just one of the reasons why the 4C stands out on the road. The Alfa Romeo Centro Stile has put together a visual style that is like nothing else. The bold modern colours, the contemporary lines, and the aggressive trim, all let everyone on the road know you are in an Italian performance auto.

3. Pulse Pounding, Race Inspired Performance

Every system on the 4C, from the engine, to the brakes -- and everything in between -- has been designed to offer maximum performance and driving pleasure. Enjoy 180 kW of power from the aluminium engine system. Take control of the road with the dual clutch transmission and Alfa DNA Racing driving mode. Handle every corner with performance brakes, tyres, and stability control systems. You are going to love every minute behind the wheel of the 4C.

4. Be A Part Of Over 100 Years Of Racing Heritage

Anyone can make a sports car, but only Alfa Romeo can create a piece of racing heritage. The Alfa Romeo logo has been adorning championship-winning sports cars for over a century. With that logo on your auto, you become a part of a racing legacy

Contact your Alfa Romeo dealer, and buy a 4C today to become a part of that legend.