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Become Part Of The Design Revolution With The New Alfa MiTo

When the little Alfa Mito first hit the streets in 2008, reviewers credited it with revitalising the Alfa Romeo brand around the world.

The design evoked decades of Italian design, when cars like the 8C and the Montreal stunned buyers with their good looks. The MiTo, fashioned as a city car, had flair and performed well on the road too. Almost immediately, the MiTo started changing perceptions about Alfa Romeos, often viewed as great looking cars for the racetrack.

Christened with a name based on Milan, where it was designed, and Turin, where it was built, MiTo means "myth" or "legend" in English. The name was perfect, given much of the style was based on the legendary Alfa, the 8C Competizione.

8C Competizione Roots And Styling In The Mini Alfa MiTo

The 8C Competizione was introduced as a concept car before coming to market in limited production from 2007 to 2010. Priced at over $250,000 the 8C offered racecar performance and beautiful detailing. It featured triple headlamps, a three-partition grille on the front, and dual exhausts positioned below distinctive tail lamps on the back, all with a curvy body silhouette in-between.

Produced right after the 8C Competizione, the Alfa Mito incorporates the shape of the headlamps and tail lamps, the contour of the side and back windows, and the three-part design of the grille. The MiTo is a three door hatch model, with a high waistline and flared wheel arches, but when you put the two cars side by side, you will be amazed at the similarities in style.

Award-Winning Engine Technology

Shortly after its release, the MiTo incorporated the MultiAir engine, an award-winning Fiat design that improved power and performance by utilising a more efficient air intake system. Some recent models also have TwinAir technology, which works with the MultiAir concept to further improve efficiency with fewer cylinders. These engine technologies have made the MiTo a car for city driving, where fuel efficiency and power are crucial.

Styling For The Future

The MiTo has proved Alfa Romeo can produce a stylish car to meet the needs of today's driver. Its influence is already seen in the larger Giulietta, and by all indications, there are more to come. Stop by your Alfa Romeo dealer today to see the latest additions to the Alfa product line.