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The Aerodynamics Of The Alfa 4C Equal Speed And Performance

If you haven't heard the 4C interest list is already growing, you better get to the dealer to get dibs on the sports car before they arrive.

Rumour has it there's so much interest they may be sold as soon as they arrive off the boat from the Maserati plant in Modena. Why the hype? Because journalists who went to the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year have speculated on the speed, power and performance of the new Alfa Romeo 4C.

Low Profile

No the 4c doesn't have a low profile in terms of buzz. Its low profile is physical. It doesn't take a rocket scientist, or in this case an automotive engineer to realise the low profile of the new Alfa 4C will translate to aerodynamics, which equals speed. One peek at the exterior's muscular shape, slim design and air intake, you'll think speed. The curves and profile are designed to cut down on drag for unparalleled aerodynamics. The low-slung chassis weighs in at only 65 kilograms while the lightweight single carbon fibre body and carbon fibre rear spoiler create low drag.

Formulated For Speed

The carbon fibre body isn't the only material contributing to the weight of the 4C. The front and rear frames along with the crankcase and turbo engine are made of aluminium, contributing to a dry weight of 895 kilograms. This makes the 4C have a weight to power ratio of less than 4 kilograms/HP.

With its light-weight and low profile the 4C is made for speed. It's clocked in speeds faster than 250 kilometres per hour and can go from zero to 100 km in 4.5 seconds. Now you can understand why Aussie racing enthusiasts are clamouring to get on the interest list.

New Technology

While DNA is now a standard Alfa feature with its Dynamic, Natural and All Weather modes, the 4C goes above and beyond by adding a new Race mode. The Race mode emulates what it feels like to be driving on a racing track. The 4C will also feature the Alfa TCT dry twin-clutch transmission like its predecessors, but with a new Launch Control for instantaneous acceleration and boost.

True, a rocket scientist didn't invent the 4C, but with the speed and acceleration, you'll enjoy the cockpit just as much as if you were an astronaut. Get your name on the interest list today at your local dealer.