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Get Your Hands On The Wheel Of An Alfa Romeo 4C In Australia

The anticipation is building. For what? The Alfa Romeo 4C in Australia. Production is in the works in the Maserati plant in Modena Italy. Right now yours may be being built. Before it makes its way down under, it'll be tested by an experienced track driver to make sure it's worthy to be your pride and joy.

 Get To Know The Alfa 4C

It was one of the most talked about stars at the Geneva Motor Show. Since then, journalists have been speculating on what it will be like to drive a car with such a small weight to power ratio of less than 4 kilograms/HP.

The two-seater sports car will take your breath away on first sight. Its short stature, sporty figure and incredible sound have people lusting after it.

What's New In The 4C

But there's more to the 4C than its size. Alfa's unique electronic control system, named DNA for its triple mode system, has always meant fun for drivers. The Dynamic, Normal and All Weather modes allow the driver to choose which level of performance they want to experience.

DNA has always been a favourite feature since it was created for the Alfa driving experience. But the Alfa Romeo 4C ups the wow factor. It adds a fourth mode…the Race mode. It will give the adrenaline junkie in you an exciting ride by giving you the control only professional racing car drivers have experienced so far.

Another favourite Alfa feature is getting a special spin on it for the 4C. The Alfa TCT dry twin-clutch transmission will get next-generation software and a new ‘Launch Control’ function to optimise all car systems, providing the utmost acceleration ever seen on an Alfa outside of the racing track.

Get Your Hands On The Alfa Romeo 4C In Australia

The first edition will be a limited run as it takes time to build a masterpiece. This isn't your average car built in mass production numbers. Now's the time to join the interest list to keep up on updates of features, price and release date. All you need to do is call your local dealer, or sign up on Alfa's website for updates. And make sure to follow Alfa Australia on Facebook for additional news and updates.